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Who are we?

devolute is an international agency with headquarter in Berlin.
We build web, business and mobile applications for startups and enterprises.
With experience we avoid, that you make mistakes.

Our tools based on Ruby on Rails and Javascript enforce quality and speed.
We help you with local consultants, curated cloud services, outsourced development teams and long-term support.

How everything started

Coming from the creation of several businesses and social projects for over one decade, our founders have made the decision to focus on a technology company which reflects all the needs they have seen there.

Since then we have developed dozens of pieces of software and grown into an excellent team helping our clients with more than just code.

What we believe in

We know that software development is a very complex process on many levels.
Decisions can sometimes be hard to revert, so we like to plan, even if we work with agile methods..
We believe that for every project or business a certain application exists that reflects this business.

We believe, that software should be grown organically with sustainability in mind.
Our clients will experience becoming part of our team and we promise to tell them, what they don't want to hear, when we believe they need to hear it.

What makes us unique

From all of our different projects, we have extracted a chain of tools and principles, that allows us to build the 80% percent common to similar features extremely fast and stable.

We help you to avoid as much as possible of the other 20% that usually costs the majority of your time and budget.

We also have a very entrepeneural mindset that you will experience as very helpful, when you are navigating your ship.

Our technology choices


Backend frameworks

Frontend frameworks


Mobile solutions

Tools & Products

Our Workflow

Who’s involved?

You as customer

You are the one who defines the needs and gives feedback on the solutions we present.
We will keep you accountable for doing the right thing.

Our product owner

Her main function is to represent your interests and product.
She is your contact point, and also the last person that will supervise the development work before we send it to you for a final approval.

The Developers

The team is formed by the leads and the developers. They are the ones who will decide how features are executed and will write and test your code

  • Workshop


    Estimate the costs and prioritize your product roadmap.

  • Agile Iteration

    Agile Iteration

    See your software grow and test it, iteration after iteration.

  • Planning & Prototyping

    Planning & Prototyping

    Explore your options and select the best solution

  • Development


    We grow your software and we document its progress.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality Assurance

    Experts ensure that your software is growing on a firm basis.

  • Maintenance & Support

    Maintenance & Support

    Long term care matters. We also manage this step, or train you to do it.


See what we have done for some of our clients.

We supported the development team of iversity in the early phases.

We advised and supported the company to move on a more service-oriented architecture regarding the sending of their e-mails.
As the first practical step of the project we took full responsibility for the complete rewriting of their transactional email system, by moving emails-sendings to a separate app.

Communication with the server was achieved asynchronously with message queuing (with Resqueue). As a contract for the communication between app and service, we used Json Schema.

In the frontend we took on the challenge of making responsive html emails working in the most used e-mail clients and devices (tablets, mobiles and computers).

Technologies were Zurb Ink CSS framework for markup and styles and for testing the resulting e-mails.

In the complete digital rebuild of Ludincs 'Professor S' interactive learning platform for pupils, we took on the role of lead development and coaching together with our partner UpStream.

Our challenges included to lead and train the In-House team (consisting of junior Ruby on Rails and Javascript developers), doing so by defining standards and implementing a strict work-flow of automated testing (in both front-end and back-end), peer reviews (using github pull requests) and an agile project management flow based on Kanban and involving a 10 headed team including designers, hardware engineers, product managers and developers.

To match the complex needs of the software which will be used by pupils, teachers and parents, we developed a strongly distributed service-oriented architecture (communication via REST-/JSON APIs).

This architecture made use of a range of technologies including:

  • Angular.js with jasmine unit test in the front-end,
  • Several Rails 4.x back-ends (with PostgreSQL db),
  • A custom live messaging architecture using MongoDB,
  • The pub-sub library Faye which allows users to upload, share and play images, sound and video messages across different clients of the platform.

In order to benefit from the advantages of a CMS under Ruby on Rails, the web-team of Fraunhofer Fokus needed an introduction to Ruby on Rails, dedicated to the launch of their new website under Scrivito (CMS from Infopark). We spent several days with them, Pair-programming together so that they can now work without us on new challenges.

Following our 'learning by doing' philosophy, we settled up together the following features and enhancements:

  • Subdivision of the website in 11 'Competence Centers', each one corresponding to an entity of the institute, with its own layout and content.
  • Integration of the possibility to advertise events with teasers that can also be linked to a subdomain dedicated to a specific event.
  • Possibility to translate any page in other languages. A page's translated version is accessible via a specific translated URL, or simply by clicking on a button on top of the 'German' page.
  • Contents of the website such as News, Events, Projects etc. are now easily found thanks to the possibility to filter them (by year, by competence center, by topic) and to enter keywords in a dedicated search engine.
  • Possibility to add contact formulars on any page, with an easy-to-use interface to define the fields of the formular (e.g. 'Name'; 'Hobby', 'Mail Adress').
Thanks to Rails Connector (from Infopark) and to a rails app we built ourselves, we also imported a large part of the data from the previous website in a short time.

The iOS Mobile Application Blipcard allows users to send physical postcards directly created from their phone. Our Job was the development and ongoing support for the Backend/JSON-Api (built on Rails4) consumed by the Mobile App.

Challenge included setting up performance monitoring, implementation of different payment methods and moving heavy tasks like PDF Generation in the background using Resque and Redis.

Blipcard Dashboard:

To analyze the use of the Blipcard app we also built Blipcard Dashboard, a close-to real time Statistics interface with intelligent aggregation in MongoDB, asynchronously loading widgets and charts built with Angular.js and Chart.js.

Quabb has a unique solution to send physical letters via the Internet, innovating through a sponsoring system which allows saving money on the price of the expeditions.

Backend was developed with Ruby on Rails, but we also worked with Javascript UI widgets and twitter Bootstrap as a CSS framework.

In addition we included a Pdf generator, a textrecognition system and the address labels. All of these features are running in the background via Resque Jobs to improve performance and thus the user experience.

We also solved the problem of running bulk text recognition with a distributed system.

For the Wallpaper designer Extratapete, we developed a Ruby on Rails Online-shop based on Spreecommerce, in which we implemented the unique design of the Berlin Agency BANK.

To emphasise the visuals of the products, we built a custom full-screen image slider: visitors can choose to display a product as the background of the page and use the arrows on the left and right sides of the screen to navigate between products.

In addition visitors are now allowed to organise the products in 3 different ways (by style, by collection or by destination room).

We also integrated:

  • The Paypal Payment feature
  • The possibility to switch from German to English version
  • Product suggestions based on visitor's path on the website
  • The Possibility to display different variations of the same product (colors and shapes).

Together with New Dialogues and the Charite Berlin we developed an interactive animated tag cloud for visualization of terms and relations and used a Javascript implementation with a special algorithm for a flexible dynamic positioning of tags in a cluster structure that other tag clouds don´t usually provide.

Unicef was the leading client partner for two years and used Crabgrass for various projects, for instance to coordinate classroom connectivity.

  • Task and Goal

    Customize the Open Source Social Network 'Crabgrass' over several years for a variety of UNICEF projects and events all over the globe.

  • Solution

    Open Source Social Network
    Long Term Custom Development

  • Usage

    Collaboration and Publishing management across decentralized peer groups.

The campaign is a video community with social media integration. It was created with Drupal.

  • Service and Support

    We helped configuring the hosting environment to deal with large uploads.

With the main association of fair trade stores in Germany, we used Crabgrass to connect young people returning from an exchange program.

  • Task and Goal

    Use crabgrass to help connecting participants.

  • Solution

    Implementing new features like an event calendar

  • Service and Support

    Setup and Operations

With Crabgrass as the only alternative to Facebook for NGOs in the past, we developed a powerful open source social network together with Riseuplabs from the US.

  • Task and Goal

    Secure and privacy aware social network with a strong focus on organization and collaboration.

  • Solution

    Opinionated group and affiliation system with a flexible plugin API to allow different document types used in collaboration

We used Crabgrass to create the international communication platform for the german Pirate Party.

Extended Redmine to fit real world needs with features such as integration with GIT, email, and business intelligence solutions amongst others.

  • Task and Goal

    Integrate Attachments with git
    Notifications based on Ticket-Status and User – Role
    Continuous Roadmap based on Ticket – Branches
    Customizable Dashboards
    More analytical Queries

  • Solution

    Custom Redmine Development
    Redmine Plugins
    Redmine Theming

  • Usage

    Business Intelligence
    Enterprise Resource Planning
    Dashboards for Project Management
    Document Management

  • Service and Support

    Implementation Consulting
    Custom Development
    Hosting runs an ipad optimized microsite for product introduction.

For FortiusOne we used the GeoIQ API to enable the combining of GeoCommons Maps and Open Data with social sharing and collaboration.

  • Task and Goal

    Integrate remote resources seamlessly into Crabgrass.

  • Solution

    Remote pagination layer over the crabgrass data type API.

  • Usage

    Show objects from GeoIQ together with crabgrass documents in lists and maps.

On top of several Google APIs and a stack of high end caching and parsing technology, we created a beautiful website and CMS.

  • Task and Goal

    Take data out of google sites, google spreadsheets and other APIs and provide a rich media high gloss frontend on top.

  • Solution

    Our API reader solutions, a manually maintainable cach layer and a Sinatra application to display the frontend.

Europarc Germany we created the easiest way to work with Wordpress Multisites ever, an easy to use modified multisite setup.

  • Task and Goal

    Allow members of the umbrella organization to set up their own sites.

  • Solution

    Customizable layer over wordpress multisites

For the NGO Revela from Brazil we integrated Worpress with the leading mapping and reporting platform Ushahidi.

We created a Facebook App for Warner Brothers for a contest. The setup involves a nice workflow adding the contest logic via CSV-import.

  • Task and Goal

    Create a platform on which users can perform a personality test in order to win a meet and greet in facebook.
    Find an easy way for the editors to provide questions and solutions.

  • Solution

    Basic Facebook Framework
    Our Facebook Quiz Solution
    CSV Import'

DJ Challenge powered by Intel, we built another contest App on Facebook where users could upload remixes to soundcloud and rate them.

  • Task and Goal

    Allow users to submit their remixes to a contest where the community can choose the winner (who of course would win a prize)

  • Solution

    Using soundcloud as storage for the uploaded remixes embedded in a basic contest facebook app.

  • Usage


  • Service and Support

    service and support

We supported Helpster creating the applications for their backend processes.

  • Task and Goal

    Optimize the complex workflows in the helpster backend editorial system with a variety of custom features like permission systems and publishing processes.

  • Solution

    Our inhouse support services

We support Pointoo creating the applications for their backend processes.

is a platform for democratic discussions in large groups. One of the biggest challenges was developing a complex semantical concept.

We created a very lightweight, service-oriented software architecture for Friendticker as a prototype for scaling purposes.

  • Task and Goal

    Create a lightweight message queuing system with minimum protocol overhead to receive a vast amount of check-ins. Allow for fast geo distance retrieval.

  • Solution

    A simple RACK – Application with Couchbase backend and geodistance calculation on top of a RabbitMQ – Message Queueing environment

was bootstrapped by us with our prototyping tool kit. The application runs on Heroku.

  • Task and Goal

    Create a high-end-design application with social network features to make people gamify their social impact.
    One of the main challenges was the design, provided by dooniteds great frontend architect.

  • Solution

    We created features such as user profiles, an avatar generator, the basic 'Drop' functionality for social impact and facebook connectivity.

  • Service and Support

    We helped setting up the application on Heroku.

Twotickets is a django/python based platform, where we supported the existing team and helped with creating a rather difficult search with Apache Solr.

  • Task and Goal

    Create tolerant full text search engine with geolocation based distance search

  • Solution

    PostGIS Postgres Extension
    SOLR / Lucene Fulltext Search
    Custom Development

With our partner PANORAMA3000 we created a couponing merchandise Facebook game for the campaign Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE.

  • Task and Goal

    Create several millions of coupons to be printed on Emmi CAFFÈ LATTE packages and provide a fast and scalable way to validate them.
    By entering a certain amount of codes, the user wins an incentive.
    This has to be run inside of a facebook application.

  • Solution

    Our basic facebook framework with a basic gamification logic and an algorithm to create nice codes.

  • Usage


  • Service and Support

    service and support

“Aktion Klima Mobil”,we developed a collaboration social network that will allow around 500 schools to organize and communicate climate projects.'

  • Task and Goal

    Create an application that allows the project groups in schools to organize themselves online and publish their results to a wider audience.
    The application has to communicate with a SAGE CRM System.

  • Solution

    On top of a role based permission system we created an easy to extend Grouping – solution that allows additional permissions runtime to certain students within a project. The students can publish news, work on tasks or publish events and all activity is aggregated in dashboards.
    An invitation system allows inviting new users either to the platform or directly into projects.
    Content can be edited and nested with easy to use WYSIWYG editors and published on custom routes with SEO features in the whole application.
    This way the detailed design and rich media requirements could be met.
    Due to extensive privacy requirements we developed secure social share buttons.
    For reporting the backend synchronizes projects with an existing SAGE CRM Software.

  • Service and Support

    We take care of the running application and provide support and updates

With our partner PANORAMA3000 we created a custom CRM system for managing contacts, bar locations and employees for Beam Germany.'

  • Task and Goal

    Manage a very specific sales process for a well known whiskey brand.
    The existing organization tools based on excel needed to be imported and exported from the application.

  • Solution

    On top of a basic CRM with permission system we created a event planning tool that allows to import and export data to and from excel files.

  • Usage

    Brand Management, Sales Management

  • Service and Support

    We provide the hosting solution and help with user problems.

With our partner Tethr we created a CRM for solar panel shipping in developing countries for the solar energy supplier One Degree Solar.

  • Task and Goal

    Manage clients and Lead Status
    Track shipments over the whole distribution chain

  • Solution

    Custom Ruby on Rails development

  • Usage

    Customer Relationship Management, Shipping Management and Warehouse Management

  • Service and Support


With our partner Tethr supported by F.A.T. we developed a helpline with interactive voice response with Tropo and Ruby.

  • Task and Goal

    task and goal

  • Solution


  • Usage


  • Service and Support

    service and support

Together with our partner liveline we built a social event calender, including an iPhone app based on PhoneGap and Backbone.js for KweekWeek, a new app for discovering local activities and events suggested in real-time.

For the german newspaper DIE WELT we created an election survey with a live updating chart of the election results. Visitors of the trade fair dmexco could vote a party before the official parliamentary elections in 2013. Visitors could also see the results live on their mobile devices - very important for digital natives.

For MoviePilot we developed a stand-alone editorial system strictly displaying the internal workflow, from researching ideas for articles, over review by chief editors, up to social media propagation (Facebook API) after the article was published.

The system is based on Ruby on Rails, using RabbitMQ to communicate with the backend, provide a customized markdown editor with livepreview, autosave and many more useful features.

For the startup Digitale Seiten we support the CTO. We were mainly responsible for the code architecture and in permanent technical knowledge exchange with the CTO and the development team for the existing software of the Digitale Seiten platform.

In addition we also supported the team with frontend development.

For textprovider we developed an electronic editor which gives the authors live quality feedbacks in terms of syntax and semantic style requirements e.g. identification and marker for modal verbs, clauses, anglicisms and statistic data.

We developed a parser for natural languages and used the python framework NLTK. UI made in Javascript using WYSIWYG editor like TinyMCE & Mercury.

Together with bureau export we developed and designed a music app 'Chic Schnack' for and Institut Francais d`Allemagne. With the deezer API we generated playlists especially of French connected artists. The playlists could be shared in facebook or added to the user library. The aim is to keep the user in the app or within In the backend the admins could edit and add album cover images, links and feature texts as well as new playlists and artist/release/event pages.

Together with our partner PANORAMA3000 we created a photo contest and a quiz for the Postbank.

With the help of Spree Commerce we are building the new Portwine shop of Weingalerie. Weingalerie offers its customers selected wines, liquors and other portuguese specialties.