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Plans & Pricing

We are breaking down your sustainable development process in several elements, that can be combined or whole plans, that can be choosen.
Please tell us, what you can do or want us to do.

These prices are calculated on average needs based on our rates. Pleae note that you will always receive individual prices based on your situation.

Work modes

We can work with you in different ways, depending on your existing team structure and which responsibilities you can take yourself.

Full care partner

We run the whole project. Suitable if you don't have an inhouse team for that.

We take care of everything. We help you translate your needs in technical requirements and develop, test and deploy. We also make sure that you get the best deals with external partners.

Contact us for a custom plan


We integrate in your workflow. Suitable if you have a running team.

To reach a deadline or catch up with delay, our developers can jump in your project: they will become a strength for your team in no time, and are often valued for the additional knowledge they bring in.

Custom Plan


We build and coach your team. Suitable if you have a young team.

We help team members to improve their skills on technologies or practices. We work with them on the issues of your company, with emphasis on learning so they can work without us in the future.

Custom Plan


We analyse and give directions. Suitable in any situation if you want to limit risks.

With a meeting per week or month, we help you to put things in a perspective and to take the best decisions. A few hours of consulting can sometimes save several weeks of work

Custom Plan


You can also book individual processes for your project. Normally a project is built on a well balanced mixture of all of them.

Orientation & Estimation

We support your decisions

Allow all decision makers to know how much work their ideas will be

From 800 Euro / month

Planning & Prototyping

We take things out of your way

Evaluate and prototype things, where specification or implementation are unclear

From 3200 Euro / month

Agile Iteration

We develop your application iteration by iteration

Get things done without interruption

From 2000 Euro / week

Maintainance & Support

We take care of incoming problems just in time

React on occuring problems and bugs every day without delaying your other work

From 500 Euro / month


These roles have to be taken over typically in your project. See what you can do or what you want us to do.

Orientation Workshop

Find out what you need for a reasonable price within a few days

In one or more days, a multifunctional team goes through your material and asks detailed questions. After that you will get what you need. Estimation, Suggestions and the necessary base for a plan.

From 800 Euro

Technical Product Management

Find out what brings the most for you before you start developing it.

In every iteration, our most experienced project leads will review all your planning and help you to focus on what brings the most for you.

From 1200 Euro / mmonth

Code & Project Analysis

Get an expert opinion on your existing code base and project before you make any further moves

We analyze your existing project for code smells, architectural problems and potentials for optimization. So you get a recommendation on how to procede with your code base.

From 1600 Euro / month

User Story Specification

Let someone who knows help you write. User stories will be implemented by the developers later.

Writing user stories is non-trivial and only someone who knows what to look at sees all the minute missing details. We provide you in every iteration with this valuable skillset.

From 1600 Euro / month

Lead Development

The experience of dozens of projects can bring your development team into the right shape.

Someone needs to keep it all together, listen to everyone and make sure the decisions are right from a technical perspective. We provide this rare skill in individuals and as a team as part of all your projects.

From 4000 Euro / month

Development Hours

If everything is planned and clear, the development can start.

When developing for you, we can either plan and protoype on the fly, to adapt to the requirements you will come up with during this process. Or we can help you bringing all the requirements we need for a clean development process.

From 2000 Euro / week

Quality Assurance

Make sure what has been done works, is side-effect-free and fits to your original requirements.

Testing a piece of software is something, that requires a lot of knowledge about what can fail in software. Our experienced product owners and developers make sure, everything fits.

From 4000 Euro / month

Cloud Hosting

Get professionals to set up your application in the appropriate cloud environment

Hosting in our cloud services keeps you headache free, when it comes to infrastructure. But there are certains things, that need to be done before and you want professionals to do that.

From 100 Euro / month