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We accelerate your growth and make sure your project goes into the right direction.

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Take advantage of digitalization using the know-how of the internet industry.

Agil and with the best standard software we bring you step by step to your goal

" We help clients to deal with software successfully "

We have supported dozens of companies, startups and organizations with software, processes and resources for their own development teams. We have built business applications, ecommerce systems or mobile applications.  We provide you with the experience from all of them.

Advanced agile process for startups and enterprises


The advantages of agile and waterfall

Our workflow combines the ability to plan and estimate large projects upfront with the chances and flexibility to adapt of an agile process. 
We split a project in several logical pieces of 2 to 3 months, each of which we start with a reasonable workshop or planning iteration.

Our tools for estimation and prioritization allow you to focus on the most important features while knowing, how much they will cost you and what you get out of it.

Cost reduction through re-use and focus

The key of software development is to use existing modules where possible and to drive radical innovation where problems are yet unsolved.

With our experience and ready-to-use modules, we can bring you up to speed and provide you with an environment for rapid prototyping and lean experimentation.

Modern approach to resources

Human and economical resources are valuable. Our strategy to outsour is global and focused on exchange of knowledge among teams and specialized partners.

We integrate your own team as well as we integrate us into your workflows and structures

Enterprise Ready Digitalization

Modern enterprises have to balance the requirements of security and high quality standards with the flexibility and speed of cloud applications.

We provide you with curated solutions and proven strategies to make technological and architectural decisions.

With our partners you will work with some of the worlds largest tech - companies.

The Best Technologies For Your Project


Care for best practices

When we choose technologies and tools, the most important question is: 

Is there enough experience available to make good decisions. Is it possible, to provide high quality and to verify strategies?

For most use cases we see Ruby and Ruby on Rails being the best fit. If even more stability is required,the possibility to use Java via JRuby makes this choice benefit over all.

Right tool for the job

Nowadays applications can be complex and consist of a variety of different services and devices being connected.

For each application a different platform can be the right choice. Such as Go or Elixir for high scalabilty or Javascript for Microservices, Mobile or IoT applications.

In the frontend we observe trends and choose the most stable solutions like Angular and React.

Ready-To-Use Recipes for Backend, Frontend, eCommerce and Mobile - Applications

Backend and Frontend Development

With a decade of experience we make sure, that your decisions in backend and frontend are made on a solid foundation.

We decide together with you if an application should be developed in Microservices, as a Single Page application or as a standalone web application depending on your roadmap and goals.

Our strategy is to use technologies that allow high quality and stability as well as speed of development at the same time.

And we support you with bootstrapping, external development resources to long term maintenance plans.

Digitalization and eCommerce

Our focus is to implement unique processes and enable you to develop an individual solution that sets you ahead of your competition

That's why we work with open source or cloud solutions that allow for maximal customization and don't limit you when developing your online shop (corporate) startup or custom business application.

With the agile workflows from the internet industry we support your digital transformation and help you to bring your business online.

We support you from ideation, validation to rapid prototyping of your concept.

Development and support level for your team size

Full Service Agency

To start a new project or to accompany you as a partner, we provide you with a full setup for your web, ecommerce or business project. 

We start with a workshop and setup of a development and hosting evironment including all tools you need for monitoring, prototyping or performance optimization.

Depending on your own resources you will have access to designers and product managers as well as experts for your industry.


  • Consulting inklusive
  • Simple Staging -Server
  • One-Time  Installation
  • Design - Choice
  • Monitoring


  • Basic-Package  +
  • Production Hosting
  • Lead - Development + Teambuilding
  • Product Management
  • User Testing


  • Startup-Package  +
  • 24 / 7 Support
  • Private Cloud
  • Development - Paket
  • Maintenance - Paket

Ruby on Rails CMS, Onlineshop and ERP solutions

Our ready to install solutions allow you to start a project with low costs within a few days.
We provide you a modern cloud environment and assist you with customization and implementation.

Talk to us to find out, which of the tools is the right one for you.