At devolute we improve the successful realization of software projects. 


As an engineer for Ruby and Javascript, you are a perfect fit for our development team.


As a designer you conceptualize sustainable Interfaces as part of our team or as a freelancer.


As a consultant you develop new projects and advise our clients as part of our team or as a freelancer.

Development Opportunities

With us you will encounter and connect with different technologies, concepts and people, due to the variety of projects you will work on. This is the best way to quickly gather a lot of experience. We promote your personal development with a budget for books, further training and events. In exchange we expect you to be passionate about sharing your knowledge in the form of talks and articles.

Promotion Opportunities

You are welcome to simply do a good job at devolute.

But if you want to furthermore get involved and take on more responsibility, then we want to reward your dedication.

We are looking for coworkers that understand our business model and radically improve upon our services with passion and commitment.

After an appropriate amount of time you should participate in the value that you have created here at devolute.


Company Pension

Education Grants

Expense Reports

Mobility Grants

Business Trips

Remote Days

Fitness Program

Health Program

Snacks & Drinks

Sustainability and Our Principles

Software projects can only be successfully developed in a healthy environment.

We love Workflows and Methods, which help to avoid mistakes. For us customer orientation means helping the customer to improve.

We work hard, but pressure and stress have no place at devolute. Diversity is important to us and if we are able to make decisions in accordance with that principle, we will do so. Here you will always work as part of the team and the team always carries the responsibility together.

Apply now! Or simply introduce yourself.

jobs (at) devolute (dot) org