Berlin / Munich / Hamburg / Porto / Lisbon / Remote

Fullstack Web Developer (m/f)

Ruby / Python / Javascript / Elixir

What we do

We build digital products and support startups and enterprises with product management and software development.

Because we do that since a while, we try to solve problems once and develop general solutions for our clients.

Your character

You are self-taught and motivated to learn and improve your skills.

In your work experience you have touched more than one technology, but you are focused on quality and best practice development over what is currently trending.

The process of software development you perceive as team work and you like helping as much as asking for help.

What we offer

You will work in more different projects and see and learn more than you could in a startup working on the same old code base every day.

We will give you responsibility and let you make decisions.

And we also protect you and provide you with a safe environment for learning and developing.

Also we support you with flexible choice of workplace and remote work, paid sport and wellness, a travelling program, books and learning materials and let you participate in our success with a bonus if you reach our goals.

You have the possibility to advance to a lead and consultant position and take more responsibility over time.

Where we are

We have currently offices in Berlin, Munich, and Portugal (you can work in Porto, Lisbon or Faro).

If needed you will travel to our clients but we value the spirit of a distributed company with no fixed work places if possible.

Your profile and skills

You have at least 2 – 3 years of professional experience and have worked on several projects or clients.

In the backend you know at least one of the following technologies very well and at least of the others well enough to work on a project. You are willing to work with all of them (preferences are allowed of course)

  • Ruby on Rails (+++)
  • Python / Django (++)
  • Node / Express / Meteor (++)
  • Elixir / Phoenix (+)
  • Amazon Lambda (+)

You are test-driven or at least try, keep up with modern ways of software architecture, such as microservices and know the most common tools and techniques of web development.

In the Frontend you can build professional interfaces with a CSS framework like bootstrap, know how to work “mobile first” and as a bonus you have worked with common design tools like Invision or Sketch.

Also you know at least one of React, Angular or vue on a professional level and are willing to learn the others to widen your horizon.

If you have a corresponding master or bachelor or any other qualification you would like us to know about, please tell us in your application.