What is a digital form?

And how going paperless can benefit your business

No matter the market in which it operates or the number of employees, almost all companies considered competitive have already taken the path of digitalization.

Getting rid of all the paper you can in the workspace brings not only a necessary ecological mindset and value to your company, but also plenty of commercial advantages like reducing operational costs, wastes in material, and optimizing the time of your team.

Well, nowadays, the majority of the papers in the office lies in forms and obsolete offline processes.

That’s why the automation and digitalization of these processes are a must-do for every enterprise business plan, and it starts with digital forms.

A digital form is an online version of a paper document that is used to collect data.

Examples of forms that can be digitized:

  • work orders,
  • intake,
  • surveys,
  • visit reports,
  • inspections,
  • expense report,
  • safety report,
  • time-tracking.

How to create online processes via digital forms

With the Form Builder from Devolute.Cloud you can transform every process that used to be ‘stuck’ in a paper document into a digital and much more efficient version. Besides that, all the data in your process gets retrieved with simple and beautiful forms, ready to be reused in new projects.

Going beyond with devolute.cloud

If you want to optimize your team efforts but also want to keep control of your processes with your developers and IT team, we got the perfect tool for you.

Thanks to the dashboard schema system from Devolute.Cloud, when creating your forms and workflows, the platform recognizes which rules have to be applied before and after data is entered.

That allows the implementation of complex validations and dependencies, as well as one of our most unique features: the capacity to validate and describe all the data for later integration with APIs or microservice architecture.

Try now our beta version and start digitalizing your business the smart way!