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  • Agile retrospective done online and right

    Insights Softwaredevelopment agile team en/insights/softwaredevelopment/fe7425e5ab3df126

    ... Online Sprint Retrospective done easy ... How we do  online retrospective at devolute ... ... Takeaways:Choose a good tool. Something that is useful and easy, remembering that everyone will use it.Here at Devolute the responsibility for the retrospective is shared, 2 members of our team...

  • Support and maintain legacy ruby on rails projects

    Insights Softwaredevelopment Ruby on Rails Ruby Rails Legacy Support Maintenance en/insights/softwaredevelopment/9b8455aa8e6fce6d

    How to support and maintain an old legacy Ruby on Rails application ... Learn from years of Ruby on Rails long-term support and maintenance ... ... At devolute we have been developing and supporting Ruby on Rails application since Rails version 1.One of the best features of Rails is, that it...

  • Userexperience Design vs Softwaredevelopment: The costs of not integrating it

    Insights Softwaredevelopment User Experience en/insights/softwaredevelopment/ux-design-vs-software-development-a-look-at-the-costs

    Avoid high costs through user experience - design without technical competence ... User experience design cannot be separated from software development ... Why Lean UX can't work if development isn't implemented right from the start ... ... As a digital agency with a technical focus, we...