Now it's time!

On May 28, 2018, the new EU Data Protection Regulation DSVGO enters into force. Is your company prepared for this?

Human dignity is inviolable.

This fundamental right also includes the right to "informational self-determination". Basically, it must be the decision of each individual to disclose his personal information and how they are used. It is incompatible with the right to informational self-determination to leave citizens in the dark about who knows what, when and on which occasion. Data protection and data security are becoming increasingly important. The collection and merging of different data must necessarily be legal. This is the consistent goal of privacy.

For this reason, all data processors have to take special measures, especially in email marketing and lead management. On 25.5.2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation [EU-GDPR] enters into force. From this point on all data processors are directly obliged to comply with the rights and obligations arising from the EU GDPR.

Special care must be taken when processing personal data for direct marketing purposes.