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  • The new EU-DSVGO and the to dos for your companyThe new EU-DSVGO and the to dos for your company

    Insights Privacy Law en/insights/the-new-eu-dsvgo-and-what-it-means

    Now it's time! ... On May 28, 2018, the new EU Data Protection Regulation DSVGO enters into force. Is your company prepared for this? ... Get in touch ! ... Human dignity is inviolable.This fundamental right also includes the right to "informational self-determination". Basically, it must be the...

  • Userexperience Design vs Softwaredevelopment: The costs of not integrating it

    Insights Softwaredevelopment User Experience en/insights/softwaredevelopment/ux-design-vs-software-development-a-look-at-the-costs

    Avoid high costs through user experience - design without technical competence ... User experience design cannot be separated from software development ... Why Lean UX can't work if development isn't implemented right from the start ... ... As a digital agency with a technical focus, we...

  • 10 rules for building a healthy startup developer team

    Software Team Agile Insights en/insights/10-rules-for-a-healthy-startup-developer-team

    ... ... 10 success factors for your start-up development team ... ... How to create a healthy and efficient climate for coding ... ... ... 01   •    CODING STANDARDS ... ... There is a lot to discuss about the how and why of code. In some ways, that's good too.But beyond that, you want...